Table Runner Robot

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1.1 Overview

1.2 Assembly Instructions




The Table Runner is designed to be a low cost learning toy while still meeting the definition of a robot.


The unit uses a small switch on the arm to turn off the non arm side(left) motor to keep from running off the edge of a table. With the left motor turned off; the robot pivots. A small diagonal wheel helps it turn and keeps the platform from tipping forward when the arm completely goes over the edge of the table.





The Motors are friction drive on to wheels made of three laser cut pieces of plastic. A nut on each side of the wheel keeps the wheel together. The bolt(shaft) loosely moves in a slot so that the weight of the vehicle applies the needed force to the motor shaft. The bolt itself turns with the wheel and the head of the bolt keeps it from sliding out.


The blocks that hold the shaft are held in place by the vertical bolts pressing the motor down and holding it in place.









The arm uses two brass screws as contacts and we bend a loop of wire (green in photo) so that it applies a small amount of force to open the contacts when the arm does not have any force on it.

The shaft goes threw two blocks that slot into the arm and is adjusted so that it turns freely. A nut on each side of the sensor arm hold the sensor arm firmly and the bolt turns with the arm.









The battery holder uses two brass screws and a rubber band. The bolts that hold it in place are loose and then two nuts are tightened against each other.