Welcome to the Myriapod ("many-legged ones.") battlebot page

Update: the battle bot was lost in a building fire. It turns out that burning a place down with a laser is not as fun as it sounds.

Helping Kids: DYI motors

Table Runner robot

Hacking servos

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Motor comparison

Good by millipede. You will be missed

Millipede MW7
At Mechwar's 7 I used a winch to pull it to the ceiling before spinning up the weapon, however every time I came down it went unstable and broke itself. I did win one match when my opponent drove himself into the arena spinner.

Millipede MW6

Flame-thrower and more fire.

Centipede Version 3

This version added a new top with stab and slash cutting tips.
It took second place at twin cities mechwars.

Centipede Version 2

Centipede was rebuilt in to a Middle weight(120 pounds) after the battlebot rule change in 4.0.
As you can see I kept the legs and added a new spinner top.

Centipede Version 1

As you can see by the image it is a walking bot with 8 legs on each side. (sorry about the clutter at my pit table) The bot is made out of aluminum and a wood looking plastic is adhered to the aluminum. The blade is 3 feet long and spins horizontally at 2000 RPM.

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