Autonomous Robots

I am currently working on a autonomous robot for the science museum challenge.  (Project is on hold)
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Rack Bot 1

Motor and encoder
Atmel Servo boards There is more information under "Atmel" on the left
Map screen
Control software
Ultrasonic Multifrequency Chirp sensor

The challenge is to unload the bot and have it find it's way to the class room.
The path can be programed or learned step by step.
 1. At parking lot handy cap ramp
 2. Push handicap button and  Enter elevator area
 4. Press elevator button to go up and enter elevator when it arrives
 6. Press lobby level and count the dings that the elevator makes when changing floors.
 8. Leave elevator and go down hall to lobby entrance
 9. Press handicap button. and go across lobby
 10. Go to internal elevators.
 11. Press button to go down and enter elevator when it arrives
 12. Press level 2 button and count the dings that the elevator makes when changing floors.
 13. Exit elevator. and go around corner.
 14. Go around room with strange ceiling into next hallway.
 15. Go down colorful hallway to classroom area lobby.
 16. Which room? (Stop here)

There are enough green exit signs so that there are at least one visible at all times.
So I plan on using a simple find green and calculate angles to help keep the bot's position accurate.

The robot itself  is designed as a 19 inch rack on wheels.

The base has 130 pounds of batteries to keep it from tipping over.
It has six wheels. Four swivel casters and two drive wheels.
The casters are spring loaded and move up and down on slides.
The main drive wheels are also spring loaded and slides up and down.

It has 21 inches of rack area. (Three 4U rack cases)
There is a  keyboard and monitor on the top.
The cameras will mount on a retractable pole.